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Wiersbe - If you can locate the six-volume edition of the Expositor’s Bible, buy it immediately! Defends the Messianic content of the Psalms, builds upon a detailed grammatical analysis of he text, provides valuable and informative historical material that supports the composition of many of these Psalms and abounds in practical comments.

This is a relatively modern work which was published in June, 2000.She was one fiery little actress, one sweet lady, but she rode those buggies, she drove them, by herself.She did some shows where she was underground with Charles Bronson-- trapped as a hostage, came ...Nevertheless, it is helpful in its extensive discussion of each Psalm.The Hebrew text is referred to, but not to the degree that it would not be a useful source for the one without Hebrew." (Selected Bibliography) Spurgeon: "A rich volume, dropping fatness. Having read and re-read it, we can speak of its holy savor and suggestiveness.

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He deals with their message as well as many of the significant figures of speech.

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