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Unfortunately, it feeds into other stereotypes by introducing a random (hot) Chinese monk who is obviously skilled in the martial arts and has an over-the-top fake-seeming “Asian” accent.It’s kind of like an Asian Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but terribly done.And, Priya says, the boogeyman in this film is “as ugly as the patriarchy,” so there’s that.Technically, this is a Wonderful World of Disney movie, but we are choosing to include it here because 1) it was continually played on Disney Channel during our youth, and 2) Justin Timberlake.The plot deals with gender in a really weird way, with a helpless female character creating an imaginary male friend who she then has to save.So, I guess it’s a female empowerment coming-of-age film?Also worrisome: Christopher Wilde’s mom is a caricature of a “bitchy businesswoman.” By the end of the movie, we were left hoping that Christopher Wilde would just return to Hollywood to find someone to be nice to him and finally escape the paparazzi.We like that this film rejects the nerdy Asian stereotypes that Disney Channel has enforced in the past in favor of a homecoming queen hopeful played by the beautiful Brenda Song.

After watching this, we demand a hard-hitting exposé on factory farming!

Wendy is never the powerful feminist heroine we want her to be. From the director of The Santa Clause 2: High School Musical character Sharpay finally puts aside her selfish tendencies for the sake of her dog’s Broadway career in this direct-to-DVD semi-DCOM.

Her sacrifices include living in a shitty NYC apartment that is only 50% nicer than an actual NYC apartment.

But the girl, Jessica Olson, is really just mean here!

She’s particularly rude to young pop star Christopher Wilde’s jovial rapper/driver/best friend.

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