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Avid Carp is all about breaking new boundaries in carp tackle – setting new precedents to design the right gear for the modern, discerning carp angler. This website is based on the magazine Advanced Carp Fishing.Don’t expect to see carp fishing tackle that you’ve already seen before, because that’s not what this site is all about. The site packed with information to keep your carp fishing progressing.In Europe research and policy debates point to the need to increase efforts to rehabilitate or restore habitat structure and function at the expense of the traditional recreational fisheries management approach to intensively stock fish.Against this background it is paramount to understand and explain the management preferences of anglers.No research has empirically examined key factors explaining whether anglers prefer various forms of habitat management (HM) over stocking.By means of a telephone survey, we investigated the management preferences of a nationwide random sample of anglers in Germany to fund either HM or fish stocking.Management strategies potentially restricting the own activity were, on average, opposed.Anglers with high pro-ecological and low traditional management beliefs, negative stocking and positive HM attitudes, satisfied with the previous angling year, less catch orientated, successful (catch) and committed, fishing most frequently in natural water bodies, and living in more rural areas exhibited the preference to fund HM as opposed to stocking.

Includes very detailed information on different methods of carp fishing relevant to beginners or experts.

All products within the ACE range have been designed, developed and tested by some of the UK’s top Specimen Carp Anglers.

Terry Hearn, Iain Macmillan, Max Cottis and many more high-profile anglers.

Austin Carp Angler (ACA) was founded for the simple purpose of trying to spread the word about this world class sport fish called carp.

Carp, pound for pound, is the hardest freshwater fighting fish.

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