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That allows us to use pattern recognition software on their coat patterns to identify individuals, just like fingerprints.Symon has also been tracking those individuals using geo-located photos and images from our 50 camera traps across the site.Kirstie will also be assisting in hiring and training two more local people to join the team! The Giraffe Conservation Project Collaborative includes Giraffe Conservation Foundation,; The Northern Rangelands Trust,; Namunyak Conservancy,; Loisaba Conservancy,; Lewa Conservancy,; The Nature Conservancy,; Sarara Camp,; Global Conservation Force,; and San Diego Zoo Global

In response to this, along with our collaborators, Symon and team are monitoring giraffes every day, learning more about basic things such as how many are there, where they are going, and how far they range—as well as learning from people where they see giraffe, where they see poaching, and whether or not they consume giraffe.

The entire Namunyak team is from Namunyak, and they are Samburu.

The setting in Namunyak is more challenging, as we haven’t yet raised enough for a vehicle.

In addition, the giraffe team is providing extra eyes in the field to report poachers, and they are actively identifying and removing snares.

I don’t have the vocabulary to properly express how important this work is, how incredible the giraffe team members in Kenya are, and how much they are doing in challenging circumstances.

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