Different types of dating abuse

Neither the words, nor the context or the behavior alone may be abusive, but the words together with the context or behavior are abusive.

Beverly Engels defines emotional abuse “as any nonphysical behavior that is designed to control, intimidate, subjugate, demean, punish, or isolate another person through the use of degradation, humiliation, or fear.” The purpose or attitude behind emotional abuse can be conscious, subconscious or unconscious.

Body Shaming Derogatory comments about your own or another person’s body, size, shape, or weight.

Sometimes, it’t the tone of voice that makes the comment disparaging.

The inference is as one would speak to a child, or to a person of less rank or understanding. It is abusive to speak in a condescending manner to a child.

Constant Chaos and Crisis is the emotional climate of a relationship with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. Countering: to routinely oppose with words or disagree without fully listening; automatically disagreeing Crazymaking is slang for emotionally abusive behavior.

Negative comments about a body part are also a type of body shaming.

Bullying has a variety of definitions: to be habitually cruel or physically aggressive to another person, especially to someone who is physically weaker, younger, shorter, or someone who has less social status; to intimidate; or when one child is physically or verbally abusive to another child.

A common form of blocking is to go on the offense and become accusatory of the other person.An Emotionally Abusive Relationship is a relationship where verbal abuse is frequent and/or there is a pattern of emotionally abusive behaviors.An abuser has a style of communication that is abusive.To criticize in this sense of the word is not giving feedback as there is no real attempt to provide an accurate assessment or information. Cyber Bullying is using technology to abuse another person.It can take many forms: hate messages, any of the types of verbal abuse, spamming, tormenting on games, Identity theft, locking someone out of their account, stealing someone’s password, death threats; posing as another person online and sending rude, embarrassing, harassing, or otherwise abusive messages to others; computer hacking and sending computer viruses, Trojan horses, and spyware; wiping out hard drive; post provocative photographs or other information on dangerous sites like pedophile sites; tricking into revealing a secret and revealing the secret; and bashing on website with negative superlatives.

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Character assassination is a deliberate attempt or strategy employed to unjustly damage or discredit the reputation, status, or achievements of another person; to defame.

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