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A possible explanation is that the real power came from the rich and influential classes who gave office to marionette-kings and sacked them when they felt like it.Both dynasties 13 and 14 seem to have this short-reign syndrome for most of their duration and they closed after about 150 years in existence, when the Hyksos dynasty began.It didn't last long, by the time of "Neferusobek", she was the eighth ruler of the 12th Dynasty ( 1763-1759 B. The scenario went like this: It seems that "Amenemhet IV" The seventh king of the 12th Dynasty, (who was probably the son of Amenemhet III, the 6th.king), was old when he assumed the throne, due to his father Amenemhet III's long reign.In the Turin Canon he is listed as the first pharaoh of the dynasty, but a great gap in the papyrus indicates a row of about five kings who probably ruled before him.Estimations have been made indicating that these had a rather long reigns compared with most of later kings, which makes the time when Nehesy was in charge to have occurred around the year 1705 B. The damaged Turin papyrus can't give him more than half a year in office.As Kamose picked up the battle-axe from his father, in the war against the Hyksos, he tried to motivate the Egyptian people to break the status quo, but it was a hard task, their fighting spirit wasn't high.The Hyksos had apparently been good neighbors, they had incorporated Egyptian gods into their religious pantheon, and had many commercial agreements with Egyptians in upper Egypt.

These two dynasties seem to have been getting along quite well but a very big question is how the entries in the Turin Canon should be explained.

We do not known exactly how the "Hyksos" took northern Egypt, but took it they did.

The middle and last part of the Second Intermediate Period (15th-17th dynastys) saw northern Egypt ruled by these foreign kings for hundreds of years.

For Whatever cause, the glorious Middle Kingdom had finally broken down.

There had been a big building boom in Egypt during the 12th dynasty.

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