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Here are the major differences: Face ID combines the best of iris scanning and face recognition.

It creates a three-dimensional map of the face, so it has more planes of data to work with than just the iris, and uses infrared to match the data stored in its secure enclave against the person standing in front of it.

Face ID is about the same speed as Samsung's face recognition, but it's far more reliable.

As he's writing this, a mountain of old Android phones is about to fall on his head, but his Great Dane will protect him.

Like the latest displays on flagship Samsung phones, it's both incredibly sharp and vibrant, with near-perfect calibration, while also butting up against the limitations of modern OLED technology.

Even Samsung hasn't figured out how to make an OLED display with an RGB stripe, so the i Phone X's sub-pixel array forms the same diamond shape as its Samsung rivals.

It's 174 grams, some 19g heavier than the Galaxy S8, and nearly identical to the much-larger S8 .

Apple knows how to build a solid phone — it's been doing so for years — but the industrial design here doesn't feel worlds ahead of, say, Samsung or HTC.

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The reliability has been close to perfect for me; whether indoors or in bright sun, the screen turns on as I take it out of my pocket, or I tap it once to turn on the display, lift it slightly towards me, and it unlocks.

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