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Allows a marksman to accurately point a weapon in the dark. Totally ridiculous, however, is the inclusion of these contraptions on military weapons, especially sniper rifles, since for the shooter it does no more good than what his scope's crosshairs are already doing, and it merely serves to identify the target to the audience. The laser sight is a useful device in some situations, but it's expensive, can break, many holsters can't accommodate it, it needs batteries, it isn't bright enough to be visible in bright sunlight, and in dim light it reveals the shooter's position and intent immediately to everyone who may happen to be looking in that direction (unless it's an infrared laser and the shooter is wearing infrared goggles, but those are even value: Advertising that they are, in fact, pointing their gun directly at the person may encourage that person to give themselves up without a fight.Atahan was a Turkish immigrant who’d moved to Australia in 1970, and for a while, life wasn’t so great.He’d tried starting his own bar, but the business soon collapsed.

The laser is also useful for telling where people on your side are aiming while using night-vision, allowing multiple shooters to aim at the same target and lay down bullets without anyone needing to give complicated instructions as to where to shoot.

Canellis survived, but we can’t say the same for Atahan. Then Toye climbed into the taxi he had waiting and drove to the airport.

As soon as Canellis hit the ground, the rest of his buddies opened fire. When Toye wasn’t robbing banks in New York City, he was living large in Las Vegas.

Additionally, at long range the laser beam doesn't reflect factors such as gravity or wind that will throw the bullets off-target — the laser be useful for estimating the distance to target, so the sniper can adjust his telescopic sight to compensate for gravity, but that's about it.

And again, a visible laser sight also reveals the shooter's location and intent to the target, who can then use the opportunity to escape for cover since they know somebody is gunning for them.

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