Kim rae won and soo ae dating

She reminisced in an interview, "I didn't sing well, but the six months I spent with the team was so fun.I was lucky to get into acting." Soo Ae made her small screen debut in 2002 in a one-act drama on MBC, then went on to star in Love Letter, Merry Go Round and April Kiss.Her 2009 film The Sword with No Name depicted a desperate romance between the last queen of the Joseon Dynasty and her bodyguard.Empress Myeongseong, a forward-thinking advocate of modernity, wields her political influence to further her ideals, but is often at odds with her orthodox father-in-law, regent Daewon-gun.He began acting in 1997 when he took a small role on the television show My Love movies and two more television series.In 2009, however, he was forced to put his acting career on hold in order to serve in the military.Following the end of his service in 2011, however, he has returned to acting with another television show.

[...] Playing Empress Myeongseong was not easy, because in addition to the mother of the nation, I had to show her womanly and human side, the joy and anguish she felt at being in love." Having to wear heavy wigs and layers of Korean traditional costumes in the steamy hot summer made the job even more difficult.

She rose to fame after starring in 2004 hit historical drama Emperor of the Sea, which was exported to other Asian countries, South America and the Middle East, introducing Soo Ae to a wider international audience.

With her classical beauty and pure, graceful image, Soo Ae gained the moniker "queen of tears" for her well-received takes in melodramas.

So I would tell people, "Keep on listening, you'll get to like it." Soo Ae starred opposite Jung Jae-young in the comedy Wedding Campaign, and Lee Byung-hun in the melodrama Once in a Summer.

In 2008, she was cast as the titular Sunny in a film about an ordinary housewife who becomes a "consolatory band" singer in order to search for her husband who has been dispatched to fight alongside American troops in the Vietnam War. army base, Soo Ae revealed that she drank more than half a bottle of whisky at the director’s criticism that she didn't look convincing enough.

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