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The case of the man accused of advertising the seven year old – her mother’s boyfriend – remains before the courts.

PARIS -- There's something vaguely familiar about this charcoal sketch of a woman's face and nude torso -- could it be an unclothed precursor to the Mona Lisa?

Museum curator Mathieu Deldicque said on BFM television Friday that there are signs it was drawn by Leonardo himself.

He noted the position of the subject's hands, and the "enigmatic smile." But he acknowledged differences, including the way she holds her chest and the hairstyle.

The beach is one of the few officially clothing-optional spots in the area, and it's become popular on social media as a primarily adults-only destination for those looking to shed their threads.

But locals say its rise in popularity is making it hard for them to navigate their own community, as residents deal with vehicles parked around blind curves, in people's driveways and all along the road on weekends, regardless of whether or not it's legal to park in those places.

Court heard that Lucas did not expect a girl to be involved in what they were doing in Hamilton – but did nothing to stop it, either.

A Kitchener woman may be sent to prison for several years for her role in a child sex abuse case.

The Crown will be seeking a sentence of eight to 10 years for Sonya Lucas, who pleaded guilty Tuesday to invitation to sexual touching, making child pornography and possessing child pornography.

She was arrested as part of Project Links – a Hamilton Police investigation focused on a seven-year-old girl who had been advertised online for sexual services.

Lucas, 49, appeared in a Hamilton courtroom Tuesday.

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