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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. This is a revised edition, prob- ably by Experience Mayhew, of Eliof s Primer of 1654 (? ), printed with Rawson*s translation of John Cotton's Spiritual milk for babes (also somewhat revised).

From 1895 to 1900 but a single series was issued by the Bureau of American Ethnology, viz, the annual reports.

In 1900 the Congress authorized the resumption of publication in bulletin form by a concurrent resolution, adopted by the House of Representatives on April 7 and by the Senate on April 27.

In August, 1886, the Director of the Bureau was authorized by a joint resolution of the Congress to begin the publication of a series of bulletins, which were issued in octavo form; and in July, 1888, the continuation of the series was authorized by a concurrent resolution.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Cambridge, 1661 (also with Indian title only), 1680 (with Indian title only).

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. S0C.12Q.146.4 (c A) f25) HARVARD UNIVERSITY UBRARY or TIK PEABODY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY AND ETHNOLOGY (Gift of) Bureau of American Ethnology Received July 27,1963 r X. ^ M' 8MITH80HIAH IHBTITUTIOH BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY: J. POWELL, DIRBCTOR BULLETIH 86 NATICK DICTIONAKY BT JAMES HAMMOND TRUMBULL WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE 1903 L.': This authorization was superseded by the law providing for the public printing and binding and the distribution of public documents, approved efanuary 12, 1895. Cambridge, 1663 (also with Indian title only), 1685, (with Indian title only). Gr., GBam.=The Indian grammar begun: or, An essay to bring the Indian lan- guage into rules, for the help of suoh as desire to learn the same, etc.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . Up to this time there had been published eight volumes of Contributions (including one bound in two parts), numbered i-vii and ix. Powell) began the publication of annual reports in royal octavo form with that for the fiscal year 1879-80, and at the same time continued the issue of the Contributions to North American Ethnology. Cam- bridge, 1666; in Massachusetts Historical Soc.

This resolution is as follows: Reaolved by the Ilouse of Rqyrcseniatirest ^ of thf?

American Anti- quarian Society and of its president.

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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. mache wussukhiimun ut English-m Ane unnonto Qwaonk nashpe .

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