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They would rather pay the small fee for the stop payment and stay in control of their money than to risk having you present the check when they are not ready for funds to be withdrawn.The best thing to do when you have a stale-dated check situation is to contact the tenant and let him or her know that you will be depositing the check in the next day or so.Many also take advantage of their bank’s night drop box, which allows you to put your check in an after-hours deposit slot where bank tellers can process it first thing the next morning.This is especially handy when it’s hard to get to the bank during business hours.It’s always a good idea for landlords to deposit any rent checks as soon as possible.

You could even offer an incentive for your tenant to do so. Please share this article and let us know your opinions in the comments below.Problems can arise when you hold onto a rent check for too long without depositing it, so it’s a good idea to understand exactly how long you can hold a rent check before you can get yourself and your tenant into trouble.While in theory, a tenant will write out a check to represent funds in the bank and you as a landlord should be able to cash that check at any time and the funds would be there. Although I postdate it with the due date which is the first, they always cash in before the due date. 1, I enclosed a note asking them not to cash it before the due date.I told them to just deposit the check, but I would like to know whether such a law exists .

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