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But unlike Jackie, who met John Kennedy when he was already a congressman, Melania wasn’t signing on to be a political spouse when she met the notorious Donald Trump in 1998.

Melania had signed up for a life of conspicuous conspicuousness, one she dutifully chronicled on Instagram and Twitter up until about a year ago, when her social-media accounts—unlike those of her husband—went silent with Trump’s entrance into the race.

“When they went to our wedding, we were private citizens,” Melania reminds me.

Just two private citizens getting hitched at the groom’s 126-room Florida palace.

To Melania Trump—and to the people who know her back home—her journey to marrying The Donald is like a fairy tale, or a too-crazy-to-believe rom-com. Once upon a time, a man could marry his Slovenian sweetheart, invite Bill and Hillary Clinton to the lavish wedding, and only the society pages would bother with it.And you can think, as Melania Trump says she does, that it’s no huge deal, really. “It’s all business now; it’s nothing personal.”Of course, Melania had the foresight to imagine that politics would bring chaos.Donald’s first wife, Ivana, may have wanted Trump to be president, but Melania, his third, was never hot on the idea.But unlike her husband, Melania is reserved, polite, and steady, say those close to her.“There is a peace in her,” one old friend from Slovenia tells me. She’s rich, but not a socialite; she prefers family to the It set and retires early after events.

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Rather than Hillary or Michelle, it was Laura Bush—a teacher who supported her husband’s turning from bottle to Bible—who seemed most suited to Middle America’s idea (or at least a man’s idea) of a First Lady.

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