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Bent u op zoek naar pure ontspanning, met net dat tikkeltje meer? Bij ons staat Uw genot centraal - Geen race tegen de klok, maar wij nemen alle tijd waarbij uw dromen werkelijkheid worden.Onze masseuses concentreren zich volledig op uw wensen.Historically this title of Mary was promoted by St. Our Lady (or Mother) of Perpetual Help – This title of Mary is associated with one of the most popular icons of Mary, in which two angels hover around Mary and the Christ-child with the instruments of the passion.The icon hung in various churches over the years and today the Redemptorist order promotes this devotion and has custody of the Church in which it is enshrined.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off. The Litany of Loreto refers to many different titles of Mary, but not all of them.The image has been venerated by countless pilgrims and has also received the attention of many popes throughout history.Our Lady of Prompt Succor – A title of Mary associated with the Ursuline order and venerated by Catholics in New Orleans. Sanctuaries to Notre Dame de Bon Secours can be traced as early as the eleventh century by oral tradition, or to the 13th century in the historical record.

I’ve reflected at great lengths on the Wisconsin apparition, writing about its theological, spiritual, and pastoral implications, and I speak about the apparition often at conferences and gatherings.

And then there are many variations of titles which all have a unique history.

One such devotion is to Mary under the title of Our Lady of Good Help.

Some of her titles refer to a city name corresponding to an apparition location, for example, Our Lady of Lourdes or Our Lady of Fatima.

There are also devotional titles of Our Lady such as .

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