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The Law Library houses TRULINCS computer terminals where inmates can research Federal Bureau of Prisons policy, federal case law, federal regulations, and a number of other facets of the law.

All of these services are free for inmates to utilize.

Judicial District: Eastern North Carolina Population: FCI Butner Medium 2 houses approximately 1,660 federal inmates.

Background: FCI Butner Medium 2 is part of the Butner Federal Correctional Complex.

Inmates interested in any of these programs are advised to contact the Education Department to learn about specific program offerings.

Advanced Occupational Education: FCI Butner Medium 2 offers Electrical, Building Trades, and Office Systems Technologies advanced occupational education programs.

Health Services: FCI Butner Medium 2 offers both routine and emergency health care and dental care services.

The 770-acre reservation includes an 850-bed Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), an 900-bed Federal Medical Center (FMC), which includes a 300-bed work cadre, a 1300-bed Low Security Correctional Institution (LSCI), a 1200 bed medium/high security facility (FCI-II), and a 300-bed minimum security Federal Prison Camp (FPC).

The FCI provides a wide range of psychological and rehabilitative services to a varied population including a residential Commitment and Treatment Program (CTP) for Sexually Dangerous Persons, a model residential Drug Abuse Treatment program, and a Mental Health Transitional Care Program.

The Federal Medical Center is JCAHO accredited and serves the needs of both voluntary and committed mentally disordered offenders, assists the federal court system by providing forensic evaluation services for pretrial and pre-sentencing detainees, and delivers a range of inpatient medical care specializing in oncology, diabetes care, dialysis,and surgery.

The Low Security, FCI-II, and Camp facilities serve general offender populations with appropriate security needs, including those with less acute medical needs.

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