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Xml Import Service is responsible for watching a given directory on the file system for XML document drops.

This task is accomplished using the File System Watcher class in the System. Once an XML file is detected in the watch folder, it needs to be validated using the Xml Validator class I'll describe in this article.

If an error-log file is supplied, the method will write the error details to the file using a Stream Writer object so the errors can be viewed later.

Although this example uses a Stream Writer, you also could use the Xml Text Writer when an XML error file needs to be generated.

The Xml Validator component discussed in this article will be plugged into the Xml Import Service application to allow for XML validation.

Consumers of the Xml Validator class will call the Validate Xml method to validate XML documents against DTDs or schemas.

This method accepts an object representing either the path to the XML document or the XML document loaded into a String Reader object; an Xml Schema Collection object containing one or more schemas used to validate the XML document; a string array containing any needed DTD information; and the path to the error-log file.

Xtreme Data LANGUAGES: C# TECHNOLOGIES: XML Schemas | Windows Services Validate XML Data Feeds With XML Schemas Write a reusable XML validation class to validate XML documents against DTDs as well as XDR and XSD schemas.

By Dan Wahlin Validating XML is important any time the structure or data contained within an XML document must follow a predefined format for an application to use it.

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When errors occur during the validation process, a delegate named Validation Event Handler points to an event handler through which you can access the errors.

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