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A reader had a correction regarding the pronunciation of the sexy aunt, Siobhan's name. As I walked in the door, I came face to face with my sister Shelagh, who was looking at me strangely. Soon, my fourth load of the day was swirling down the drain, and my legs were wobbly. The site I found the name on listed the English equivalent as ''. Lots of favourites, and lots of votes, in a very short time. So, with that in mind, let's see what mischief Vonnie and Danny can get into. (That's After Virginity.) The whole world seemed a brighter, more vibrant place, since I got laid. First let me introduce my self I’m Shiva from chennai married age 27 my height 178cms weight 76kgs and my […] Hi all, this is Abhi from pink city Jaipur, my age is 19 currently in 12th std.I have a slim body but on the healthier side (I weigh 68 kilos) and a dick size of 6 inches. "She's probably listening to music with her headphones on," Vonnie giggled. I think it might take me weeks to clean all those windows. As I rounded the corner into the backyard, I saw the ladder leaning against the wall of the house. Her nipples were standing tall, and since I had done such a fabulous job on the window, I could see the flush building on her neck and chest. "Mmmmm, this looks promising," she smiled, dropping to her knees, and resting her chin on the sill. "Mmmmm hmmm," she moaned, pulling my cock out of her mouth. I suggest you not yell when you cum, and attract attention." With that, she went back to work, sucking furiously. Every second in Vonnie's company was a second well spent. Within a minute or two, I was back, sponge flying madly. The little 'ears' on it were a blur, working on her clit furiously. As she raised the bottom sash, she bent lower, coming closer to my bulging crotch. Turning the water on, I stepped into the shower, and within seconds, the evidence was gone. I thought about her lips and mouth on my cock, as she sucked me. The only thing separating me from her body was the glass. " She smeared her slippery fingers across the inner surface, leaving a streak of pussy juice. "If you think that was wicked, wait until you fuck my ass," she smiled. It took several minutes before I was safely on the ground, and even then my legs were still gelatinous.

Remember when you were a kid, and it was Christmas Eve? Putting my ear to the glass, I could hear her moaning softly.

A few hours ago, going the other direction, I had been a horny, reluctantly untarnished virgin. I'm by no means an expert, but it seems to me that most guys might go years before a woman offers them her ass.

Now, I was a sexually experienced man, thanks totally to my luscious aunt.

Mein week mein kam se kam 5 din to sex karta hi hu kabhi Rohini k saath […] Dear readers. I am a pretty regular reader of the stories over here. I am writing a true story here Iam 20 years old from I started having an intimate relationship with my cousin swarna We are a middle class family. I wanted her and I had a thought of giving even my life to get her.

I was […] hello friends i am harshraj from mumbai like others i don’t want to make u bore by saying about me so comeing right to the story it happen 2 years back it was a month of November i went to stay at my aunties place in my natives she is staying there with her 2 […] My name is Sarita. My husband works in a company and he is out for tours almost all the time. I definitely don’t want to rape her or I don’t want to give […] Mera naam vishal hai aur mai 25 saal ka hu, mera lund 9″ lamba hai. Jo bhi lardki mujhse chudna chahe mujhe mail kare, [email protected] ek sacchi ghatna hai jo kuch saal pehle hui thi.

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My mouth was watering, and my hand had stalled in place with the sponge dripping water down my arm. The bra was pink, and as she leaned over to fold a few items on the bed, her big, round tits just hung there, cradled in the cups, asking to be picked. Good lord, how did that little bra contain all that delectable flesh? I had cleaned one, and the second would probably give me a perfect viewpoint. Climbing down a ladder with a full erection would likely qualify as a safety hazard, but that's what I had to do.

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