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Think of all the Internet lists of what women do wrong on dates or the romantic advice books that provide tips like how long you should wait to call, when to put out, or what chivalrous behaviors men should display if they’re worth your time.Heterosexual dating and love remains mired in traditional gender roles, and even feminist women participate, sometimes enthusiastically and sometimes with resignation.What makes Elaine’s counterpart, realtor, and/or frenemy, Trish, is a happily married modern woman.Though Trish scoffs at Elaine’s retrograde beliefs about romance, like giving men whatever they want, she isn’t immune to Elaine’s charms.Renovations on the Sarah and Peter Clayes house in Framingham are in full swing. No one knows how she did that, but not long after, Sarah and her husband left Salem and moved to Framingham.“Sarah, along with her two sisters Rebecca Nurse and Mary Esty, were convicted of witchcraft,” explained Annie Murphy, a member of the Sarah Clayes House Trust. The witch hysteria in Salem was sweeping the area and Sarah Clayes was accused. As the house changed hands, it grew with every addition, but eventually fell into a rundown, ramshackle state. The hope is to sell the house to a family who will pledge to preserve it. They will appreciate the history, and they will preserve it and maintain it,” Annie said.

What makes effective is that it’s not some kind of morality tale, feminist or otherwise.FRAMINGHAM (CBS) — Decades of hard work to preserve historic architecture in Framingham has finally paid off.The house –and the story inside it– date back to the Salem witch trials.The desire to be desirable, though, is a weird mental place for feminists.Our cultural ideas about female sexiness are literally based on what we’re told heterosexual men want from women, which involves self-objectification and all the tedious vigilance that comes with it.

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  2. The part that was missing in that sentence was, "just not with you". I begin to worry that it was actually me and something I did or said that caused us to break-up, but actually it turns out you just wanted more time to be a player.